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March 16, 2017

Lunch at the Grill…



That everyday grind can get a bit monotonous sometimes when all we do is pop to Tesco’s each day for a sandwich. Last week we wrote about the awesome Thai Tapas at Kuti’s. This week we are lusting over the lunch menu in their 1st Floor Gatehouse Grill. From homemade soup to Muscles Marinaire this is sure to spice up your lunch hour.

One course from the lunch menu is just £8.95 and you can add up to three courses depending on how much you like. The starters are designed to be nibbled and the bread and oils is a perfect choice if there’s time to dip-dap. If you just want one course and a lighter lunch, you’ll have to try the homemade soup of the day. Wait staff will tell you the choices, and get ready to be presented with a warm bowl of comfort. These are technically the starters but diners can choose them as just the 1 course.

Onto the mains on the menu, and my personal favourite part. There’s nothing better than having a day off or a lunch break out to chat over a wholesome burger. Not quite as (un)Royal as Burger King, these are made with care and pack way more of a selection. Cajun Spice with fresh tomato salsa or the classic 8OZ Beef burger can all be found on the menu. But if you’re more of a fish lover, there’s classic Gatehouse Fish and Chips or fancy Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Rocket Ciabatta.

The desert menu features all the same as the dinner menu, so for the price of a three course lunch you still get a fancy desert, taking nothing away from the quality and the care of the service and food. From noon until 5pm you can enjoy this menu so whether it’s a late lunch meeting or a quick in-and-out burger before going back into the office. Gatehouse Grill have got you covered.

1 MAIN COURSE – £8.95 | 2 COURSES – £12.95 | 3 COURSES – £16.95

Car parking is available in the Mayflower park as well as out the restaurant front. If you’re coming in why not sign up for a Diners Club Card for discounts! Get 15% off your food bill Sunday-Thursday and 10% off the food bill Friday To Saturday! Sign up here:

Kamal Miah

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