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Gatehouse Grill & Chandelier Bar Southampton – Reserve Your Table For The Midsummer Gala Evening Dinner

To celebrate and support the amazing achievements of Naomi House and Jacks Place, Gatehouse Grill And Chandelier Bar Southampton are hosting a charity event at 7pm on the 21st of June – The Midsummer Gala Evening Dinner. The price of £35 per person includes a £10 donation to this worthy charity, a delicious 3 course meal and rum punch, house wine or soft drink on arrival. There is also live entertainment from James Prince, a superb magician and Charley MacCaulay a top singer.

To reserve a place please send an email to: or message Gatehouse Grill and Chandelier Bar on Facebook or book online at: and put ‘charity ball’ in the ‘special requests field’.

June 6, 2017

Midsummer Charity Gala Night

Come and join us on Wednesday 21st June 2017 to support Naomi House hospice for children and young adults. Tickets are £35 per person.

Book now.

May 15, 2017

Rum Tasting at the Gatehouse Grill

So it’s the start of the long weekend we have all been waiting for and finally an Easter break. How ever you are spending yours, there are plenty of things to do. And even if you don’t get to go out this weekend why not book yourself something fancy for another day? We hear Rum Tasting is a good one… That way you can prolong the celebrations and have something to look forward to!

The Rum Lounge is on the 1st floor of the grand Royal Thai Pier building next to Mayflower Park and offers you a chance to enjoy a drink or two before or after enjoying the food (see the lunch here and Sunday roast here). If you are a bit of a rum fanatic you can come and enjoy all of the different choices, and it’s for novices too! The official mixologist will help you try different ones and choose the one you like best, whilst teaching you about them too. Who knew afternoons out could be so educational?

Rum Tasting

It’s a great idea for parties or birthdays or if you just want something different to do and for just £19.50 it doesn’t break the bank holiday bank balance. You’re also welcome to stay for drinks afterwards or food too. So you can sit back and relax in the lounge all afternoon until the evening. Tasting a selection of cocktails and rums is a fun experience and you might learn something you can recreate yourself too!

Enjoy your weekend!

When: Saturdays, 2-4pm

Where: The Rum Lounge, Gatehouse Grill, Southampton

Cost: £19.50

For more information and to book you place call 02380 339211 or email

Car parking is available in the Mayflower park as well as out the restaurant front. If you’re coming in why not sign up for a Diners Club Card for discounts! Get 15% off your food bill Sunday-Thursday and 10% off the food bill Friday To Saturday! Sign up here:

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April 14, 2017

Gatehouse Grill And Chandelier Bar Southampton – Golden Egg Hunt & Easter Barbecue For All The Family!

Check out the fabulous Golden Egg Hunt & Easter Barbecue for all the family at Gatehouse Grill And Chandelier Bar Southampton ! On Good Friday and Easter Saturday the coals will be heating up on the barbecue from 12pm-5pm for Burgers and Steak Sandwiches starting from £4 per person. Then the fun really begins on Saturday at 3pm – let the kids run loose to find those elusive Golden Eggs and win a meal for a family of 4 up to the value of £60 !

It’s not only Easter that children are welcome at Gatehouse Grill and Chandelier Bar Southampton because they even have their own menu and with starters at £2.95, mains at just £5.95 and ice cream to finish at £2 it’s an ideal spot to bring everyone to enjoy all that this lovely bar has to offer.

April 12, 2017

Having a roast on a Sunday is such a comforting thing to do. And such a British thing to. Doesn’t it just complete the week? Mouthwatering meat (or veg if that’s your thing) with warm fluffy potatoes and the thickest, tastiest gravy. Yes I fully dislike myself for going into detail because now I’m hungry too. The chances of me cooking one at home is about the same as me landing on the moon. I seem to have a habit of setting my kitchen on fire or burning saucepans (don’t ask) recently and so I think until I redeem my culinary skills, I’m going to eat out. But with so many choices and great posh-pubs it all gets a little overwhelming.
This is where the Gatehouse Grill comes in.

Strange right? Notorious for the awesome lunch menu and the Thai Tapas menu downstairs I personally wouldn’t have expected them to have a Sunday Roast on offer.

Turns out, they DO! And just look how big it is! Although big is not always better …. quality is way more important when it comes to something as sacred as the mighty roast. Its a good thing they have that as well then. You can choose from Roast Topside of Beef, Garlic and Thyme Roast Half Chicken or Rosemary and Mint Braised Lamb Shank. Covering all the bases with the meat, they also add on a selection of seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes, sage & onion stuffing, Yorkshire pudding & rich roast gravy.
So how much is this fantastic feast I hear your tummy cry…. Just £10.95! You can even get one for the kids as well at a measly £5.95. A very inexpensive treat that will get you ready for new week full of great food and some well deserved time out. So it’s pay weekend and you’re hungry ….. here’s your answer! Served from 12pm-5pm on Sundays.

Car parking is available in the Mayflower park as well as out the restaurant front. If you’re coming in why not sign up for a Diners Club Card for discounts! Get 15% off your food bill Sunday-Thursday and 10% off the food bill Friday To Saturday! Sign up here:

March 30, 2017

Lunch at the Grill…



That everyday grind can get a bit monotonous sometimes when all we do is pop to Tesco’s each day for a sandwich. Last week we wrote about the awesome Thai Tapas at Kuti’s. This week we are lusting over the lunch menu in their 1st Floor Gatehouse Grill. From homemade soup to Muscles Marinaire this is sure to spice up your lunch hour.

One course from the lunch menu is just £8.95 and you can add up to three courses depending on how much you like. The starters are designed to be nibbled and the bread and oils is a perfect choice if there’s time to dip-dap. If you just want one course and a lighter lunch, you’ll have to try the homemade soup of the day. Wait staff will tell you the choices, and get ready to be presented with a warm bowl of comfort. These are technically the starters but diners can choose them as just the 1 course.

Onto the mains on the menu, and my personal favourite part. There’s nothing better than having a day off or a lunch break out to chat over a wholesome burger. Not quite as (un)Royal as Burger King, these are made with care and pack way more of a selection. Cajun Spice with fresh tomato salsa or the classic 8OZ Beef burger can all be found on the menu. But if you’re more of a fish lover, there’s classic Gatehouse Fish and Chips or fancy Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Rocket Ciabatta.

The desert menu features all the same as the dinner menu, so for the price of a three course lunch you still get a fancy desert, taking nothing away from the quality and the care of the service and food. From noon until 5pm you can enjoy this menu so whether it’s a late lunch meeting or a quick in-and-out burger before going back into the office. Gatehouse Grill have got you covered.

1 MAIN COURSE – £8.95 | 2 COURSES – £12.95 | 3 COURSES – £16.95

Car parking is available in the Mayflower park as well as out the restaurant front. If you’re coming in why not sign up for a Diners Club Card for discounts! Get 15% off your food bill Sunday-Thursday and 10% off the food bill Friday To Saturday! Sign up here:

March 16, 2017

Best Southampton Restaurants – Gatehouse Grill And Rum Lounge Lunch From Just £8.95 !


We feature some of the best Southampton Restaurants including the very famous Gatehouse Grill And Rum Lounge a beautiful restaurant at The Royal Thai Pier Southampton

This week we can announce a spectacular lunchtime offer with lunch starting from just £8.95 pp !





About The Royal Thai Pier Southampton

Welcome to the Royal Thai Pier on the ground floor at Kuti’s Royal Pier in Southampton, Hampshire. Traditional and innovative new dishes are designed to reflect an ethos of innovation, creativity and excellence. As all our dishes are freshly prepared, our chefs are happy to accommodate any requirements you may have such as omitting certain ingredients or adjusting the spice level to suit your taste. Situated on the ground floor the restaurant is the largest room in the building and can hold up to 110 guests and includes a lounge bar. The back of the restaurant also opens out to the Royal Pier Garden ideal for guests to enjoy.



Designed by Edward L Stephens, the original pier cost £25,000, equivalent to more than £1.2m in today’s value.

The Royal Victoria Pier was opened on 8th July 1833 by the Duchess of Kent and her daughter, Princess (soon to be Queen) Victoria.

A pontoon was added in 1864 and seven years later railway lines were extended to a widened pier-head. Musicians performing open air concerts attracted huge audiences while hundreds of people idled away the day in deckchairs on the decking.

The railway reached the pier in 1871. Paddle Steamers departed from the pier for the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. A pavilion able to seat 1,000 people was built in 1894 with facilities to stage concerts, dramatic productions and dances.

In 1917, a train ferry service was set up from a temporary brick-built pier, operating to Dieppe three times a week, it carried supplies over to France. During World War 2. The Royal Pier was destroyed by fire in 1987, but the white Toll House, built at the entrance to the pier, still stands.

March 8, 2017

Best Hampshire Wedding Venues – Gate House Grill & Rum Lounge Southampton

The welcoming team at the Gate House Grill & Rum Lounge Southampton – one of the loveliest Hampshire Wedding Venues, come together offering you their services and advice helping you to build your bespoke wedding package from £2500.

The menu can be tailored to your personal preference including English cuisine from the wonderful team of chefs.

February 24, 2017

Lovely Hampshire Wedding Venues – Gatehouse Grill & Rum Lounge Bespoke Packages From Just £2500


Are you looking for a wonderful venue for your big day ? We feature lovely Hampshire Wedding Venues including The Gatehouse Grill And Rum Lounge at The Royal Thai Pier . The welcoming friendly team are on hand to offer you their services and advice to tailor a bespoke package to your requirements starting from just £2500


The menu can be tailored to your personal preference including English cuisine from the wonderful team of chefs

February 15, 2017



Bring the family and celebrate Mothers day with us at the Kutis Royal Pier in Southampton. 5 course thai buffet lunch £11.95pp with a glass of Prosecco for Mum. Book early to avoid disappointment. Reservations: 02380 339211.

February 10, 2017

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