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March 8, 2017

Best Southampton Restaurants – Gatehouse Grill And Rum Lounge Lunch From Just £8.95 !


We feature some of the best Southampton Restaurants including the very famous Gatehouse Grill And Rum Lounge a beautiful restaurant at The Royal Thai Pier Southampton

This week we can announce a spectacular lunchtime offer with lunch starting from just £8.95 pp !





About The Royal Thai Pier Southampton

Welcome to the Royal Thai Pier on the ground floor at Kuti’s Royal Pier in Southampton, Hampshire. Traditional and innovative new dishes are designed to reflect an ethos of innovation, creativity and excellence. As all our dishes are freshly prepared, our chefs are happy to accommodate any requirements you may have such as omitting certain ingredients or adjusting the spice level to suit your taste. Situated on the ground floor the restaurant is the largest room in the building and can hold up to 110 guests and includes a lounge bar. The back of the restaurant also opens out to the Royal Pier Garden ideal for guests to enjoy.



Designed by Edward L Stephens, the original pier cost £25,000, equivalent to more than £1.2m in today’s value.

The Royal Victoria Pier was opened on 8th July 1833 by the Duchess of Kent and her daughter, Princess (soon to be Queen) Victoria.

A pontoon was added in 1864 and seven years later railway lines were extended to a widened pier-head. Musicians performing open air concerts attracted huge audiences while hundreds of people idled away the day in deckchairs on the decking.

The railway reached the pier in 1871. Paddle Steamers departed from the pier for the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. A pavilion able to seat 1,000 people was built in 1894 with facilities to stage concerts, dramatic productions and dances.

In 1917, a train ferry service was set up from a temporary brick-built pier, operating to Dieppe three times a week, it carried supplies over to France. During World War 2. The Royal Pier was destroyed by fire in 1987, but the white Toll House, built at the entrance to the pier, still stands.

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